Artist Statement ( this is not a sob story)

I promise this isn't a sob story. This is a story of my life and how photograph help me help the world. These photographs that you see me make is a extension of my life that I am sharing with you. yeah above you see my education and work experience, but thats not who I am, look at these photos to learn who I am, what is important to me, they say a picture is worth a thousand word, I suppose that would make me one of the world greatest writers! In a world that wants . to read about . how a young african american male made it in his type of life I give you my photography, no its not pictures of my hood that i grew up in, I have tons of those but that not me, its where i came from and i will never forget that. they are photos of the people who inspire me, who shares their art with the world, I feel it my duty to document that. NO you didn't give me permission to do that, nor did you ask for me to do it I felt that I needed to do it, so i can learn who I am. These photos help me with my struggles they are my keystone. I want you to enjoy my work, and the hard work of others who help create these photos, yourself included again this is not a sob story this is our story. Photography is life and life is Photography .

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